Elliot wins photographic competition

Elliot won the first prize in Bangor University's Sceince week Photography comeptition
Elliot won the first prize in the Science week photography competition for secondary school students. The prizes were awarded today at the Gwynedd arts gallery & museum.

Elliot's picture, 'water in the mist', beat strong competition to gain first place.

The judge, Glyn Davies, Photoartist commented on Elliot's work as follows:

"A really strong shot with lots of wonderful contrasts between man made and nature, sharp and soft, movement and stillness, light and dark and judging by the low afternoon light, even the shift between night and day. In terms of science, the technological harnessing of natural forces as energy in a beautiful rather than visually and environmentally destructive way, is inspiring and shows man's ingenuity. If only all energy production could be kept so harmonious with landscape we'd be laughing. There is something else within this subject which is why it was the winner, and that is the atmosphere within the shot, the mood, the delicacy, you can almost sense the spirit of the place just from this photo. Those who manage to capture spirit of subject beyond just the visual, will always gain my respect."

Elliot's picture will be displayed in the Bangor arts gallery for the duration of science week, and later in the year, by an invitation he was delighted to accept, at Oriel Glyn Davies in Menai Bridge.