Beacon Climbing - Open Day 13 October

An excellent afternoon photoshoot at the Beacon Climbing centre, Caernarfon, followed by a lecture by Andy Kirkpatrick.
The photoshoot for St Gerard's School included recreational climbing, crazy climbs and entries in the speed climbing competition. A big thank you must go to Steve & Tommy at the Beacon, for permission to take photographs and to DMM for allowing the use of their people & property in some shots. Everyone had great fun climbing, and at the end of the day were enthusiastic participants in a 'test to destruction' organised by DMM - with an excellent explanation of what was happening.

After the climbing there was a chance to relax by listening to Andy Kirkpatrick's mountaineering exploits on Troll Wall and in Yosemite. A great lecture, suitably warmed up by comedian Ed Byrne - once the 2 of them had arrived a little late from their adventure on Lliwedd!